Managing your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Managing your Standard Operating Procedures is easy, once you have the template and framework setup. All procedures stem from the Mission Statement.  From the mission statement stems the overall policy and procedures to establish quality.  This is an important aspect of overall continuous quality improvement, as well.  All SOP’s should reflect current practice, and revisiting these procedures, when making changes to the procedure, is an important part of documented change control to reflect the current practices at any point in the clinical operation of a laboratory.  Change approval is usually made by the laboratory’s Medical Director.

MISSION STATEMENT:  This statement should reflect the overall purpose of the business.  Careful thought should be given when formulating a Mission Statement, as all other policies and procedures stem from this goal.

Policies: It is imperative that the executive management team formulate the Mission Statement and support the policies that support the overall mission of the company.

Procedures:  Procedures support the policies and overall goal of the company by providing “How To” instructions on carrying out the various functions of the laboratory.

An efficient management of documents is necessary, as the amount of data required to start, maintain and improve a laboratory operation is immense.

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